Utilizing Geoprobe® Technology

Installing a shallow soil gas soil vapor sampling point in Atlanta, Georgia

Installing a Shallow Soil Gas Sampling Point with a Geoprobe 5410 Rig in Atlanta, Georgia

What is a Geoprobe®?

A Geoprobe® is a hydraulically-powered, percussion probing machine designed for the geotechnical and environmental industry. The first unit was built for the Environmental Protection Agency in 1988.

Direct push refers to the method of pushing tools into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil. A Geoprobe® rig relies on a relatively small amount of static weight combined with percussion as the energy to advance the tool string. Using a Geoprobe® rig you can advance tools into the subsurface to collect continuous soil samples, discreet soil samples, groundwater samples or soil vapor samples. In addition, you can also install small diameter temporary or permanent monitoring wells. When the soil conditions permit, samples can be collected with a Geoprobe® from depths in excess of 100 feet.

The Probing Company owns and operates the following direct push sampling equipment.

Geoprobe® Model 5410 - Mounted on an F-350 Ford Truck

The Geoprobe® Model 5410 is a truck mounted direct push machine. With this rig you get faster probing, a stronger foot, and added safety features all in a self contained Ford F-350 truck mounted platform. This direct push machine can collect soil samples from the DualTube™ Sampling System as well as the MacroCore™ Sampling System and the Large Bore™ Sampling System.

This machine can also collect groundwater samples directly from the DualTube™ SP-22 screen point, a hydropunch screen (SP-15/16 stainless steel sampling screen), install small diameter monitoring wells or collect soil gas samples. This is a low maintenance and high production rig platform that started it all for Geoprobe® Systems, only vastly improved.

Limited Space Interior Tooling

The Probing Company utilizes Geoprobe® tooling and a combination of a tooling and a custom built probe rod puller to collect soil, groundwater and soil gas samples from limited space interior locations or locations that are not accessible via traditional truck or track direct push methods. With this tooling set-up, we have been successful at collecting soil and groundwater samples to 15 feet below land surface.

With this combination of tooling and custom built equipment, that “must have” sample is within reach for your project.

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Interior Geoprobe Soil Sampling in Atlanta Georgia
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