South Carolina Geoprobe® Services

The Probing Company conducts Geoprobe® Direct Push Drilling services throughout the State of South Carolina including Greenville, Columbia, Spartanburg, Anderson, Florence, Aiken, Myrtle Beach and Charleston.

Soil Sampling

The Probing Companyis qualified to complete any and all direct push soil and groundwater sampling at your job site. Our Louisiana Geoprobe® Services / Direct Push Sampling doesn’t generate soil cuttings like typical augering methods, and is well known throughout the environmental industry as the fastest and most economical way to collect soil samples from a site. The Probing Company utilizes the Geoprobe® MacroCore Sampling System, Geoprobe® DualTube Sampling System, and the Geoprobe® LargeBore Sampling System to collect soil samples as part of our South Carolina Geoprobe® Direct Push Services.

Installing Geoprobe soil borings outside Charleston, SC

Groundwater sampling from a Geoprobe® rig can be accomplished in many ways. Samples can be collected utilizing the Geoprobe® Screen Point 15/16/22 sampler (SP-15/SP-16/SP-22), installing small diameter temporary monitoring wells or installing permanent monitoring wells.

Early in the environmental industry soil and groundwater samples were acquired with mast driven drill rigs, which were more traditionally utilized for installing water wells. These large rigs could not maneuver in tight locations, and had height restrictions due to their mast. We now have and utilize Geoprobe® Direct Push Technology that is a vast improvement over these older rigs. We utilize Geoprobe® Direct Push Technology mounted on trucks so that they can be used almost anywhere. Our truck mounted Geoprobe® rigs allow for drilling to be performed in hard to reach places and across lawns and landscaping due to the lighter weight of the units.

  • South Carolina Geoprobe® MacroCore Sampling
  • South Carolina Geoprobe® LargeBore Sampling
  • South Carolina Geoprobe® DualTube Sampling
  • South Carolina Groundwater Sampling
  • South Carolina Temporary and Permanent Monitoring Wells
  • South Carolina Soil Sampling with Hand Tools
  • South Carolina Soil Gas Sampling with Geoprobe® Rig

Groundwater sampling from a temporary monitoring well installed outside Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We provide Geoprobe® Services in these and other cities throughout South Carolina

Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Florence, Aiken, Rock Hill, Myrtle Beach and Charleston

South Carolina Geoprobe® Services = The Probing Company!

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