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VOA vile filled and ready for capping

The Probing Company is located in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to our Geoprobe® Direct Push Services, we offer environmental field sampling services and support services to environmental engineering companies nationwide. We have worked for a wide variety of engineering firms and consultants, and have extensive experience in all types of environmental sampling including: soil sampling, low flow and traditional groundwater sampling, sub-slab soil gas sampling, soil gas and soil vapor sampling and ambient air sampling.

We also have extensive experience in oversight services during soil and groundwater remediation events, as well as during the installation of monitoring wells installed utilizing augering methods, air rotary methods, mud rotary methods and Geoprobe® direct push methods.

Our staff currently holds Professional Geologist registration in: Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia

We can provide a wide range of field services including: monitoring well installation oversight, soil sampling, ground water sampling (low flow sampling or traditional), soil gas sampling (sub-slab, shallow or deep), UST closure oversight and sampling, remediation system construction installation oversight as well as soil remediation oversight and sampling. Although we are not licensed surveyors, we can provide a top of casing survey on any newly installed or existing monitoring well network, if needed.

Solinst Oil Water Interface Probe

We have also conducted oversight and/or directed work on well over 1,500 geophysical surveys throughout the country utilizing electromagnetic (EM) methods, ground penetrating radar (GPR), seismic surveys and/or resistivity surveys.

After completion of a field event, we will provide all the necessary logs (boring, purge, sampling, etc.), a site sketch, photos and chain of custody to document the completed event.

If the job warrants, we can also tabulate the laboratory analytical data with the correct state comparison levels, as well as provide site drawings in either an AutoCad® or Adobe® Acrobat format for your report.

Organic Vapor Monitoring Instrument for Measuring Organic Vapors in Soil or Air

As always, we will work in complete anonymity on any job. Our goal is to be your “go to guy” for all your environmental field related services.

We understand how tough the economic climate is these days, where clients are stretching every dollar and cutting their spending. Many times the budget cutbacks by the client are in the completion of the environmental sampling work. That’s where we can help! If your client has sites located in the southeastern United States, and you don’t have a physical presence in the area, it is difficult to compete for a job against local environmental consultants. When this happens, we can provide the environmental field services support to help you keep the costs down and secure that project authorization. We will work within your field budget to meet the data collection objectives, and will do it all with a Professional Geologist collecting the samples. Give us a call before you bid on that next job and together we can ensure that you are awarded the work.

Huntsville Alabama Geoprobe Services
Florida Geoprobe Groundwater Sampling Services
Birmingham Alabama Geoprobe Soil Gas Sampling
Atlanta Geoprobe Service

We provide the following environmental field sampling services:

  • Soil Sampling
  • Low Flow Ground Water Sampling & Monitoring
  • Traditional Groundwater Sampling & Monitoring
  • Sub-Slab Soil Gas Sampling/Vapor Intrusion Assessments
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Monitoring Well Installation, Development & Sampling
  • Air Monitoring & Sampling
  • UST Closure Oversight & Sampling
  • Remediation Construction Oversight
  • NAPL Recovery
  • Groundwater Plume Delineation
  • Excavation Oversight & Sampling

Your best choice for Environmental Field Sampling Services!

Soil Gas Sampling with a Water Dam

LEak Testing a subslab soil gas sampling point in Atlanta, Georgia

Although we are based in the metropolitan Atlanta Georgia area, we have completed work in 42 states and the District of Columbia. The work in these areas involved project planning/scoping, proposal preparation, sampling, data evaluation and reporting. Many of these sites were performed under the state specific voluntary cleanup/voluntary remediation programs, hazardous waste programs and UST/PST programs.

We have successfully completed soil remediation events and groundwater remediation events, as well as collected soil, groundwater and/or soil gas data for numerous regulatory programs while under subcontract for environmental engineering firms. Although we are a budget conscious company, our work is second to none in quality!

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